Dog Walking

Dogs are walked in very small groups of 3-4 with the important opportunity of getting plenty of attention individually as well as ensuring that they are able to socialise with other dogs. Socialising is especially important for young dogs as part of their natural development and helps to prevent behavioural problems later on. The small groups serve older dogs well too by maintaining calmness and routine.

Due consideration will be given for the different energy levels of your dogs, tailored accordingly and matched with those that they are relaxed & happy with.

Dogs will be walked on lead unless otherwise agreed.

On wet/muddy days your dog will be towel dried and muddy paws wiped.

It is important that your dog gets the most from the opportunity to exercise & play and return home happy, tired, relaxed and looking forward to their next walk!

Your Dogs Safety

Looking after and being responsible for your dog is a priority. Your dog wilotherdogl be transported in my van which has been fitted with high quality safety cages that provide the best possible safety, security & comfort. It is fully air conditioned and I carry fresh water at all times.

At our initial consultation visit I would welcome you viewing them.

Your dogs safety is as important to me as it is to you.